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This is life changing transformation from short hair to long dreads in one day! an hour to braid in synthetic dread extensions (temporary dreadlock look).After being washed they do not fluff up and do not untangle.They do not require any cosmetics for everyday care.

(You can use the Lock Pow(d)er to make the hair more rigid.) Now you use the crochet hook to hook the overlapping hairs into each other, so both dreads will be tangled together.In this manual we will explain how you can lengthen your own real dreadlocks with our real appearing dreads.We’ve also made a video about lengthen your own real dreadlocks.In order to choose the appropriate color, you may send us the photography of the hair which is taken in daylight.

Should you make plans for making bigger hairstyle (e.g.(3 inches is the shortest length I can work with) Thick straight hair can take more time, more sectioning to create the dreads.