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This law was enforced by the writ of praemunire facias, a writ of summons from which the law takes its name. 5) was passed by the Parliament of England during the reign of Richard II, who purchased various loans from foreign creditors and rulers as well as bulls from Rome in 1392.

The enigma of iron tools that predate the Iron Age has long puzzled archaeologists.The Statute of Praemunire (the first statute so called) (1353), though especially leveled at the pretensions of the Roman Curia, was also leveled against the pretensions of any foreign power and therefore was created to maintain the independence of the crown against all pretensions against it.By it, the king "at the grievous and clamorous complaints of the great men and commons of the realm of England" enacts "that all the people of the king’s ligeance of what condition that they be, which shall draw any out of the realm in plea" or any matter of which the cognizance properly belongs to the king’s court shall be allowed two months in which to answer for their contempt of the king’s rights in transferring their pleas abroad.A much greater check on the freedom of action of the popes was imposed by the Statute of Provisors (1351) and the Statute of Praemunire passed in the reign of Edward III.

The former of these, after premising "that the Pope of Rome, accroaching to him the seignories of possession and benefices of the holy Church of the realm of England doth give and grant the same benefices to aliens which did never dwell in England, and to cardinals, which might not dwell here, and to others as well aliens as denizens, as if he had been patron or advowee of the said dignities and benefices, as he was not of right by the laws of England", ordained the free election of all dignities and benefices elective in the manner as they were granted by the king’s progenitors.

The penalties which were attached to the offence under this statute involved the loss of all civil rights, forfeiture of lands, goods and chattels, and imprisonment during the royal pleasure.

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