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13-Sep-2017 23:22

We need time alone, away from our kids, to reconnect and feed our relationship. Explore great art, then browse the gift shop for a print or postcard to frame.21. Grilled cheese, beer and balls — what else do you need?

But when it comes to date night, I’ll admit, it’s easy to get into a rut.

Pretend the electricity is out & enjoy the night by candlelight with no electronics. Build a bonfire in your backyard & roast hot dogs & marshmallows.

You could make your favorite childhood meal, date night dinner, &/or wedding reception food while reminiscing about your favorite memories. Try one of your significant other’s favorite hobbies.

Something small like painting a shelf or big like a building a table. Have a classic movie marathon with all black & white movies.

Move your furniture around to create a new cozy spot to snuggle.

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The best way we know to keep our spark from flaming out is to never stop dating each other. I’ve been in incredible pain (with varying levels of intensity for the last month), had an MRI, spent most of the week laying on my back (even sleeping on the floor), & now I am beginning to worry I’m turning 86 next month instead of 26…