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04-Nov-2018 19:51

They would not exhibit much compatibility for comradeship to exist between them.There is no scope for mutual interests and hence a committed friendship is ruled out for this duo.There would not be much compatibility between a Cancer man and a Libra woman in romance.But then they would try their best to show their romantic and passionate moves to their partner but end in vain. The Cancer male and his Libra female do not make great friends in life either.

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The chemistry between them also does not suggest something rosy in this area.

They withhold sex as a means of revenge or retaliation for the acts done in the daylight.

One bone of contention with this duo is handling mutual finances.

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The Cancer loves to save while the Libra woman just loves to splurge.

The Cancer man has a very sharp intuition about things and is also a very moody person. The Cancer man also has a very good foresight about things and before taking any decision, he analyzes the pros and cons.